After months of getting to grips with SL and learning the ropes our time to shine was finally here. The class had been divided into three groups to work on a project under the theme of “web 2.0”, since October. Each group had 10 minutes each to present. (Although I think the groups went a little over this)

One of the requirements of our presentation was to advertise it in order to get more guests. We first off set up an event on Facebook: (Last accessed December 26th 2012) and started inviting people. I also invited people I had met on my travels in Second Life and messaged a few others who weren’t online often, to come.  I was in and out of Second Life that day and so it seemed were a lot of the other students, most likely running through their presentations. Our presentations were held at The Amphitheatre in Dublin virtually Live. By 8pm there was a good turnout, including guest judges Elfay Pinkdot and Sitearm Madonna. Continue reading


Progress! (Nov 29th)

So our group finally met, all four of us! We met for an hour and a half in total, during which we came up with a solid topic idea for our presentation. They had been previous attempts to meet but not at times when we could get everyone together. It was a milestone considering people working, staying late on college or indeed the time difference had been delaying our group meetings.


1) A picture from one our first meetings with Dudley and Box! Continue reading

Class 7: Online meetings vs Real life meetings? & working as a team (November 22nd)


Unfortunately I was called into work and had to miss this class. None the less I found out what I had missed. The lecture had been discussing the parallels between working in a team online and working in a team in real life. Having done several group assignments in college I don’t think there is too much difference between the two. In SL the microphone option enables quick communication where group members can talk and discuss ideas so in that sense there is not much difference. Continue reading

Content Creation- Part 2 & Group progress (November 15th)

This weeks class  (November 15th) discussed in more detail what it meant to create content online. So far we know the groups and have briefly met but no ideas have been pinned down yet. It is not just time that has been a factor but distance also. Many of the class live half way across the world from eachother, so finding a good time to get everyone together to discuss our project has proven quite.

We hope to meet in the next few days and arrange a time that is good for everyone. Our presentation title: ‘Ties that Bind 2.0″ gives us quite a broad spectrum to work from. Once we get a chance to meet and have a good brainstorming of ideas, it should be no problem to come up with a more solid idea.

– Sofia

Content Creation

In last week’s class we discussed the topic of content creation; what it is and the laws that surround it.


According to Greg Lastowka in his text on User-generated and Virtual Worlds, content is almost any interaction we make online[2]. Whether it is comment under a photo, make a photo collage or inventing new clothes in Second Life. It is something we made online- so what is to stop someone else taking our created content and using it? Copyright laws are difficult as we have to chase up with them ourselves if someone infringes on them unless you are a big multinational corporation such as Apple. Continue reading

The importance of Regulation, Convention and Etiquette in online communities



“The world was my oyster but I used the wrong fork”

                                                                                            –Oscar Wilde 


This quote from Oscar Wilde embodies the bare-faced fact that there are certain rules are regulations by which we have to live. There are certain things you cannot wear to school; a set of rules to be abided by in the workplace and regulations that prohibit us from doing other things. In short, there is not much room in society for nonconformism. These rules and regulations have, naturally, passed on to second life.

I recently read a research paper entitled “The Laws of the Virtual World”[1] which discussed the topic of legislation, or lack thereof, in Virtual Worlds. A lot of Second life users have immersed themselves so much in this virtual environment to the extent that they see their avatar as a part of them. So it makes sense that they would want their avatar protected. If a person were to get attacked walking down the road, it would not be ok. It is now the same for second life. The law is being brought into online communities more and more recently. London journalist Tim Guest, author of Second Lives: a Journey through Virtual Worlds, estimated that “about 6.5 percent of logged-in residents” have filed one or more abuse reports in Second Life. By the end of 2006, he writes, Linden Lab, creator of Second Life, “was receiving close to 2,000 abuse reports a day.”[2] I watched a documentary the other day by CBC’s channel The Fifth Estate called ‘Strangers in paradise.’ It showed the stories of people falling in love with other avatars and eventually leaving their real life spouses to be with their new avatar lovers. It explored how gaming addiction has ruined marriages through neglect and even in some cases has led to death.  There have been a few cases of this because of gaming addiction gaming addiction; In the case of 15-year-old year old Brandon Crisp who had an addiction to playing the Xbox and had in run away from home after his parents had confiscated it from him due to failing grades, his body was found a few weeks later. Continue reading

Updated blog!

This is my new blog by the way. When we started the IOLE module back at the start of October I started a blog here on wordpress. It was plain and frankly boring. I wasn’t particularly interested in reading it, so who else would be? I made this  new updated pink blog 🙂 and enjoy posting more now. One of the things I haven’t gotten around to doing yet is transferring my old posts on my last blog to this new, updated blog. I wondered would I link it or how I would do it but I figured just simply transferring it was be most suitable. So one of our first assignments was to set up a twitter ( @secondlife_yolo) go to and explore several locations in SL and comment on our experiences of them in our blogs.
The Blarney Stone Irish bar, Dublin
This is the first location I visited because I was drawn to the catchy name.It immediately gave me a good impression on Second Life. It was lively and filled with people.  The atmosphere was similar to that of a real pub; people were talking about buying drinks and chatting away with each other. It was also fun because it was in Dublin and being in SL in Dublin felt like the lines of reality and this online reality somewhat over lapped. 
Grafton Street, Dublin
I decided to go visit another familiar place, Grafton Street. I wanted to see what the differences between Second Life and reality would be and how accurate Grafton street would be. Landing there the first thing that caught my eye was the cobblestones, it had a familiar feel to the real life Grafton street. Then up to Bewley’s cafe, which was a good depiction I must say. It was relatively busy, as it is in real life. Although the scale wasn’t spot on and some shops were there that aren’t in real life; overall it was one of my favorite locations to visit. 
Brasil, Rio
I then decided to get some travelling in and teleported to Brasil. I was greeted by the sounds of Portuguese conversations and giggling by a group of girls. It was surprisingly busy. They sea was nice and calm and they streets were quiet. There were shops and markets surrounding the beach. It felt like I was taking a mini break :p